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Examples of further designs and products developed over the last two decades include:

Daylight Projectors - high intensity conversions of Hasselblad and Kodak projectors to give a fourfold increase in light intensity with daylight colour.  They are made to order and feature in a number of museums, galleries and installations in Europe, the USA and the Far East.

The Dorchester Hotel has the occasional requirement to convert their ornate ballroom into a disco, invisibly.  The solution was to mount motorised projectors, complete with colour changers, on linear tracks behind hinged sections of the cornice. The lights fly through the plasterwork.  To maintain the appearance, the control desk does not look out onto the space.  Instead, each light is fitted with a miniature TV camera.  This enables the operator to see what he (and everyone else) is doing.

Branson Coates designed Taxim Nightclub in Istanbul needed to fill a huge double storey space with moving images.  Again, the PAL system was modified to motorise daylight slide and video projectors.  The screens, front and rear projection and floating gauze wings, were also motorised in three dimensions and synchronised with the projectors under PALS control.

Anthony d'Offay Gallery in London required bright, razor sharp projectors for an exhibition of works by the American artist James Turrell.  The solution was a 1200W high intensity daylight projector with 70mm format optics.  The combined assembly is outstandingly bright, compact and sharp.  Different versions based on this solution have since been made for galleries in Berlin, Madrid, Tillburg, Dusseldorf, Osaka, Hannover, London and Los Angeles.

The Washstand - a touch free, water heating and sterilising washing facility.  Infrared detectors control the air and water flows, while the water is sterilised by UV light.  This integrated design, developed for Calmic,  is for surgical and clinical applications.

Science for Life - a permanent exhibition on the history of medical science at the Wellcome Trust headquarters in London.  Light Works won the Lighting Innovation Award in 1994 from the UK Lighting Industry Federation for the lighting and exhibit design for this installation.

Water Ripple Lights help to calm travellers in the departure lounge of Schipol Airport terminal.  Animated daylight projectors were designed and built to illuminate giant waves that float over the seafood bar.

The Henry Moore Foundation required a complex combination of strobe and neon lights to be precisely controlled within a giant sphere.  The “Gassworks” exhibit, designed by James Turrell, takes an audience of one, lying in the centre for a 20 minute experience of the ‘Gansfeld’ effect.  The exhibit has toured from Halifax to the ICA in London, via Japan.

Drink inside a giant pin-ball machine at The National Centre for Pop Music, Sheffield. The experience is provided by a sophisticated pattern generating, light chasing installation.

Heathrow Airport Terminal 1 - huge stained glass panels are backlit to provide an even fade from bright daylight to a warm-white glow, the light is automatically modulated to match the time - fresh and bright in the day, warm and subtle at night.

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