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Science for Life


James Turrell

The Seawater Greenhouse

In the early 90's Light Works began to develop a unique solar greenhouse concept and after some significant R&D, the first pilot Seawater Greenhouse was constructed in Tenerife in 1995.


The Seawater Greenhouse is a unique concept which combines natural processes, simple construction techniques and mathematical computer modelling to provide a low-cost solution to one of the world's greatest needs – fresh water. The Seawater Greenhouse is a new development that offers sustainable solution to the problem of providing water for agriculture in arid, coastal regions.

The process uses seawater to cool and humidify the air that ventilates the greenhouse and sunlight to distil fresh water from seawater. This enables the year round cultivation of high value crops that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to grow in hot, arid regions.

In the year 2000, Seawater Greenhouse Ltd took over and more information can be found at the website

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